Artist Statement

Open Waters 10” X 10"
Open Waters 10” X 10"

I am a painter and printmaker working with oils and acrylics on canvas and paper.

The mixing of color is the starting point for my art.

My palette is very southwestern when I’m painting or creating monoprints.

I return to a black and white format when developing solarplates (etchings) as a nod to tradition.

My imagery is sometimes suggested by my color choices.

A good deal of my art revolves about an abstracted “Oscar-like” figure.

Its curve is suggested sometimes figuratively or as a landscape, seascape or horizon line.

Some consider my style to be “abstracted realism”.

I like to have a meaningful connection in my art.

I play with colors.

Mixing colors, pouring paints, building up surface texture, wiping it away…this is all part of my “play”.

I like to push the visual boundaries in my art through the discovery and experimentation of new materials and processes.

Art is all about the PROCESS!

This is what keeps art fresh and exciting.

It is my ultimate goal.

It keeps me returning to my studio to do more art.